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Here Micki and his Testimony

My wife and I were looking to take a trip to Peru in 2010 and we really didn't know where to begin. We spoke with Marilin at Peru Connection and she listened to us to find out what we like to do and the type of things we like to see as well as how much time we would have for the trip.

Based on our discussions, Marilin customized a trip for us that included several regions of Peru over a ten day period. Right before the trip was to start Machu Picchu was closed due to some terrible mudslides. Marilin did not panic. She rescheduled this portion of our trip and assured us that we would be pleased with some of the alternate sites that she stated would be almost as inspiring as Machu Picchu.

Anyway-we ended up having a fabulous trip thanks to Marlin's detailed arrangements. Every aspect of the trip was handled to perfection and we had wonderful guides that Marilin had arranged. Clearly she knows the region and the Peru travel agencies well because we were always treated with respect everywhere we went.

We saw condors, hiked beautiful mountains, floated on Lake Titicaca, visited historical landmarks and met so many wonderful local Peruvian people. We also truly gained appreciation for all the wonderful mixes of cultures that make Peru such an incredible journey. We would never have experience so much or gotten so much value for our money without the assistance of Marilin and Peru Connection

Tom and Micki
Nova Scotia, Canada
March 2011

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