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New archaeological discovery

New Archaeological Discovery - Peru New Archaeological Discovery - Peru New Archaeological Discovery - Peru

Peru showed off what's been described as its most important archaeological discovery since Machu Picchu. The finds at the Lord of Wari tomb in Vilcabamba are on display at a museum in Cusco.

The Lord of Wari , as the name suggests, was a noble of the Wari culture, one of Peru pre Hispanic cultures. His remains were discovered inside a tomb wearing a breastplate, bracelets, feathers, ceramics, gold, silver and textiles.

According to Juan Julio Garcia, the Regional Director of the Culture Ministry in Cusco, experts could not recover any of the human remains and textiles. The humidity of the site located in a jungle area south of Cusco completely disintegrated them.

However Garcia said the gold objects were in a perfect state, while some work was done to restore the silver and even some piece made from natural elements like

The work at the Espiritu Pampa archaeological site in Vilcabamba started in July last year after pottery pieces were found.

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