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Chan Chan : the  world’s pre-Hispanbic  largest mud-brick citadel

Chan Chan, Trujillo - Peru Chan Chan, Trujillo - Peru Chan Chan, Trujillo - Peru Chan Chan, Trujillo - Peru

The ancient Chimu kingdom (700-1400 AD) founded their capital by the banks of the Moche River in the department of La Libertad and called it Jang Jang, which in the ancient Mochica language means sun sun. Chan Chan, which spans an area of 20 square km, is the largest mud brick citadel dating back to the pre Hispanic era. To build it, the Chimu architects used clay, mud, pebbles, wood, reeds, straw and cane, materials which enable the citadel to blend in with the sandy coasts.

The city was the urban center of a vast regional state which covered half of the Peruvian coast, stretching from Tumbes on the Ecuadorian border down as far south as Lima. All roads branched out from Chan Chan.

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