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Territory and Regions of Peru

Peru is in the central and western part of South America, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean which is its natural border to the west. It also limits with Ecuador and Colombia to the north, with Chile to the south and with Brazil and Bolivia to the east.

Is the third largest country in South America and one of the largest in the 20 in the world, with a total surface of 1,285,215.6 square kilometers, including its Pacific islands and the Lake Titicaca western Islands. This area is larger than the added territories of Sapin, France and Germany.

Peru has sovereign right over a territory stretching 200 marine miles off its Pacific shores and is Consulting Party to the Antartic Treaty, a continent where it has installed Machu Picchu Scientific Staion.

Peru has approximately 27 million inhabitants. The coast shelters 52% of the total population, the highlands 36% and the jungle 12%. The population is mostly mixed and urban and speaks Spanish, but there are two important minorities: Andean populations, divided in the Quechua and Aymara language families and Amazon populations divided in 14 language families and 42 ethnic groups.

The Country comprises three geographic large regions:

COAST COAST: 11% -Territory 52% population, close to 180 miles of deserts, open beaches and fertile valleys. Northern Coast: sunny all year round Central and Southern Coast: Mid, arid region with no rain, yet humid with plenty of cloud cover.

HIGHLANDS HIGHLANDS: 30% /36% Population Region dominated by the Andes. The highest point in Peru is the peak of Mount Huascaran (22,204 fasl) Weather is dry and mild with huge variations in temperature during the way (between 68F and 35.6)

AMAZONIA AMAZONIA: 59% Territory / 12% Population Tropical rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon and region where the largest natural reserves in the country are located Jungle: wet and tropical weather.

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