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Capital of the Arequipa Region in southern Peru. Arequipa has many colonial-era Spanish buildings built of sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock, from which it gets the nickname La Ciudad Blanca (The White City). The historic centre of city was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000, in recognition of its architecture and historic integrity.

It is often said that Arequipa name comes from the Quechua phrase Ari, quepay which means Yes, here which is said to have been the response of the Fourth Inca - Mayta Capac - upon seeing the site of the great city.

Its people are kind and enjoy good conversation and relish living under the watchful gaze of their guardian volcano, Mount Misti. An added bonus is the 340 days of brilliant sun as well as the exquisite main square city, conquered by noisy pigeons, a demonstration of its hospitality.

The department of Arequipa is dominated by the Andean Mountains with the chain reaching the very lip of the continent at Atico, a coastline zone with beautiful beaches. In Chala the closest coastal point to the department of Cusco, the Incas built citadels with stone in front of the sea.

As there are huge snowcapped mountains rising high into the sky, so there are deep wounds in the surface of the Earth.

Canyons like Cotahuasi and Colca; that start out as fertile, terraced and pleasant valleys that later taper and plunge into dizzying canyons. These are some of the deepest places found on the planet, yet places where kind people live, the wind blows strongly and shrimp abound. The Lagunas de Mejia National Sanctuary is the only stopping point for over 2,000 kilometers for more than 70 species of migratory birds.

Arequipa is also famous for its diversified cuisine, full of scents and concoctions that match its magnificent landscape and towering volcanoes.

Travel to Arequipa, and make a tour of the sights of the city

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Information for Travelers

How to get there BY CRUISE
Matarani is a seaport in which cruise ships can arrive. From there, one can access the different attractions in the department as well as the Southern Peruvian Tourist Corridor.

From Lima: 1,009 km/15 hrs.
From Cusco: 491 km/9 hrs.
From Puno: 294 km/5 hrs.
From Tacna: 270 km/3 hrs. 30'

BY AIR (Daily flights)
From Lima: 1 hr.
From Cusco: 30'
From Juliaca-Puno: 20'
From Tacna: 30'
Arequipa is served by Rodriguez Ballon Airport.
Weather Temperatures fluctuating between 10/18 F and 24 C/ 43.20 F
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Suggested for · History, archaeology
  and petro glyph buffs
· Nature lovers, bird
  watchers and researchers
· Adventure sports

· Hydrotherapy devotees
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What to buy? · Sillar stone
· Textiles
· Embroidery
· Leather embossing
· Chocolates
· Fine liqueurs
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What to eat? · Rocoto relleno
· Caldo blanco
· Puchero
· Adobe
· Chicha de jora
· Picantes
· Chupe de camarones
· Malaya
· Queso helado
· Chocolates and toffees
· Te piteado
· Anis Najar
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Places to visit IN AREQUIPA
· Main Square and the
· Church and Cloisters
  of the Company of
· Saint Catherine
· La Recoleta Convent
· Yanahuara Plaza
· Mansions
· Santa Maria Catholic
  University Museum of
  Archaeology and of
  Andean Sanctuaries

· Sabandia
· Socabaya
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· Lagunas de Mejia
  National Sanctuary
· Toro Muerto and
· Valley of the
· Salinas and Aguada
  Blanca National
· Colca Valley and
· Cotahuasi Valley and
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