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Travel to Cajamarca Trips to Cajamarca

Located in the northern highlands of Peru, and is the capital of the Cajamarca region. The city is well-known for its cheeses and dairy products.

Travelers in search of lovely countryside or traces of history will undoubtedly find what they are looking for in this idyllic Andean setting. The origin of the city goes back over 3,000 years. Traces of pre-Chavin cultures can be seen in surrounding archaeological sites such as Cumbe Mayo and Kuntur Wasi. During the period between 1463 and 1471, Tupac Inca conquered the area and brought Cajamarca into the Tawantinsuyu, or Inca Empire, which at the time was still being ruled by Tupac's father Pachacutec.

You will not want to miss out on its three hundred year old Baroque Cathedral, the Bethlehem church or the Ranson Room, where the Inca emperor Atahualpa paid dearly for his gullibility in gold and silver of immeasurable worth. All of these places are located within a few paces of each other, in downtown Cajamarca.

If you are a more intrepid and want to experience something different, then your reward promises to be great since around Cajamarca are various destinations like the Banos del Inca), Ventanillas de Otuzco (Windows of Otuzco), and archaeological complex, the tree filled Granja Porcon (Porcon Farm) where vicunas and deer run free, and the charming and colorful farm shires of Celendin and Llacanora. And if you love adventure, then do not miss Cumbemayo, a striking stone forest with petro glyphs, a delight to the spirit and pride of this beloved land Cajamarca.

Cajamarca is a synonym of cheerful and hospitable people. Anybody who has participated in its colorful carnivals could assure it.

Trips to Cajamarca, and visit the Inca baths

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Information for Travelers

How to get there Cajamarca is served by the Armando Revored Iglesias Airport

From Lima: 859 km/13 hrs.
From Trujillo: 294km/6 hrs.
From Chiclayo: 258km/5 hrs.

From Lima: 1 hr
Weather Cajamarca has an equatorial climate so it is mild, dry and sunny, which creates very fertile soil.

Maximum: 22.1 C/71.78 F
Minimum: 3.1 C/37.58 F
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Suggested for · For people interested
  in History and
  Archaeology buffs
· Agrotourism enthusiasts
· Religious enthusiasts
· Bird watchers
· Trekkers and hikers
· Nature lovers
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What to buy ? · Handicrafts
· Blankets
· Ponchos
· Shawls
· Bags
· Sashes and saddle bags
· Ceramic
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What to eat ? · Cheeses
· Humita de queso
· Green soup
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Places to visit Cajamarca IN
· The Cathedral or Church
  of Saint Catherine
· Church of Saint
  Francis of Assisi
· La Recoleta Complex
· Saint Apolonia Natural
· The Ransom Room
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Excursions Tres Molinos Farm
· Ventanillas de Otuzco
· Cumbemayo Archaeological
· Baños del Inca
· Porcon Farm
· Celendin
· Kuntur Wasi Ceremonial
· Carnival in Febraury
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