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Travel To Chiclayo Peru Trip To Chiclayo Peru

Chiclayo is a city on the northern coastal plain in Peru. It is 95 feet above sea level. It was founded in 1560 as a rural Indian village by a Spanish priest. Until the 19th century, Chiclayo remained a small town in comparison to the nearby city of Lambayeque. However, the city of Chiclayo has since grown to become a major modern metropolis. It is Peru's fourth largest city.

On the desert sands and in the midst of valleys, ancient civilizations built sacred pyramids. But it was not until 1987, the year of discovery of the Lord of Sipan (the most grandiose tomb in the Americas), that the world took notice of the importance of these temple mounds, fallen from grace on the outside but hiding splendor in the inside: Sican, Tucume and Chotuna, to name a few. As a result of the recovery, world class museums like the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum were built in chiclayo.

Chiclayo is also recognized as for its natural medicine, and for having some of the best cuisine in Peru, especially Ceviche.

Monsefu is a nearby town that provides Chiclayo with most of the handcrafts artifacts and fireworks.

Living history is there too, in fishermen's coves like Pimentel and Santa Rosa, where tiny crafts known as caballitos de totora (little reed horses), return to the beaches under the setting afternoon sun just as they have been doing so for 3,000 years. Travel to Chiclayo.

Travel to Chiclayo and visit the museum of the Lord of Sipan

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Chiclayo Information for Travelers

How to get there Chiclayo It is served by the CAP. FAP. Jose A. Quinones Gonzales International Airport
From Lima: 765 km. 12 hrs.
From Trujillo: 200 km/3 hrs.
From Piura: 213 km/2 hr. 30'
From Tarapoto: 702 km/15 hrs.

BY AIR (Regular flights)
From Lima (1 hr.)
From Trujillo (30').
Weather Temperatures fluctuating from 20 to 28 C. view more... Suggested for · People interested in
· Handicrafts collectors
· Devotees of mysticism
· Birdwatchers and nature
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What to buy in Chiclayo? Handicrafts
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What to eat in Chiclayo? Rice with duck, baby goat, cebiche, causa (type of potato cake),espesado (a hearty soup), chicha de jora, King Kong, machacado de membrillo.
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Places to visit Chiclayo IN CHICLAYO
· The Cathedral
· Modelo Market:

· Pimentel
· City of Lambayeque
· Royal Tombs of Sipan
· Brunning Museum
· Huaca Rajada - Sipan
· Batan Grande
· Pomac Forest Historic
· Tucume
· Sican National Museum
· Monsefu
· Chapparri Community
  Ecological Reserve
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Excursions in Chiclayo No information. When? No information. Map view map Photos Chiclayo No information.
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