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Travel To Ayacucho Peru Trip To Ayacucho Peru

Ayacucho is a region of Peru, located in the south-central Andes of the country. Its capital is the city of Ayacucho. The region was one of the hardest hit by terrorism during the 1980s during the guerrilla war waged by Shining Path known as the internal conflict in Peru.

The city is named after the historical Battle of Ayacucho. Upon seeing so many casualties on the battlefield, the settlers named the area Ayakuchu, aya meaning soul or dead and kuchu meaning corner in the Quechua language. The Battle of Ayacucho was the last armed clash between Spanish armies and patriots during the Peruvian War of Independence. The battle developed in the nearby pampa of La Quinua on December 9, 1824. The patriot victory sealed the independence of Peru and South America.

Ayacucho is a friendly, peaceful city, where one can search for God in churches as plentiful as the beads on a rosary, chati in the open air of sunny patios and satisfy their hunger pangs with chaplas, traditional bread that looks like pita bread.

The main Ayacucho square is the only one in Peru completely surrounded by stone arcades, and some landmarks, like the Church of Saint Christopher, date back to the cities founding, 1540. And though in recent years modern restaurants have appeared on the cobbled streets of downtown Ayacucho, it is still the magnificence of the old mansions, complementing the beauty of the religious architecture, which captures the visitors attention. Travel to Ayacucho.

Travel to Ayacucho, and visit the 15 churches in the city of Ayacucho and beyond

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Information for Travelers

How to get there Ayacucho BY CAR/BUS
From Lima:556 km/8 hrs. via Los Libertadores Highway
From Pisco (Ica): 389 km/5 hrs. via Los Libertadores Highway
From Cusco: 601 km/22 hrs.
From Huancayo:
317 km/9 hrs. via Colcabamba
257 km/9 hrs. via Ancco
From Huancavelica:
245 km/5 hrs. via Rumichaca
221 km/6 hrs. via Lircay

BY AIR (Regular daily flights)
From Lima: 1 hr.
Ayacucho is served by Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport
Weather Temperatures
Maximum: 25.5C/77.9 F
Minimum: 6.6C/43.88 F
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Suggested for · History aficionados
· Handicraft collectors
· Archaeology buffs
· Nature Lovers
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What to buy? · Retablos
· Carpets
· Shawls
· Filigree
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What to eat? · Peruvian Creole food
· Puca
· Picante
· Qapchi
· Patache
· Sauco
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Places to visit IN AYACUCHO
· Colonial churches
· Colonial casonas

· Artisan quarter of
  Santa Ana
· Wari archaeological
· Town of Quinua
· Pampa de Ayacucho
  Historic Sanctuary
· Vilcashuaman
· Pampa Galeras Barbara
  D Achille National Reserve
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