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While these places of Peru lie outside traditional circuits, they still hold fascinating sights worthy of a visit.

Only 492 miles from the city of Lima is the city of HUANCAYO, celebrated for its popular Sunday flea market. Getting here is a drive along one of Peru main highways, the Central Highway that snakes around the towering peaks of the Central Andres. The route leads through the awe inspiring setting of the Mantaro River Valley and its many attractions, like the Ocopa Monastery (built and used by Franciscan missionaries and containing a library of very old books), Paca Lagoon and Nahiunpuquio Lagoon,and the bizarre shaped rock formations at a place called Torre Torre.

While at Huancayo, visit the Chilca Train station, part of the old Tren Macho Line (The Manly train), whose reputation was not based on punctuality. The saying for this service used to be leaves when it wants to and arrives when it feels like it. Now the train service has been renovated, using a modern train , and it takes you on a three hour, 206-mile trip to the city of HUANCAVELICA, a journey through sublime settings covered with cacti and broom tops and over the Izcuchaca Bridge, built during the Colony.

Another site off the beaten track but likewise via the Central Highway is Lake Junin. This time, head northeast and you will pass the shores of this impressive lake and, if you keep going, will end up at the city of CERRO DE PASCO, launching point for a tour of the Huayllay Stone Forest. The formations there eerily remind of the shapes of animals and humans, yet living amongst these natural statues are deer, wildcats, vicunas and partridges.

Another city that will amaze you is HUANUCO, lying just 653 miles from Lima. A nearby place of interest is the village of Tomayquichua, known for having breathtaking landscapes and tasty offerings in its country restaurants. History buffs will enjoy visiting Huanuco Viejo (Old Huanuco) archaeological site, the remains of perhaps the most superb example of Incan architecture in northern Peru. The more intrepid, however will want to continue the trip to Tingo Maria, tropical steamy and home to Cueva de las Lechuzas (Owl's Cave) and then cross the impressive mountain pass of the Boqueron del Padre Abad (Father's Abad Canyon), wedged in one of the steep cliffs of the Velo de Novia Falls (Bride's Veil Falls), and harbinger of the Peruvian lower jungle as well as the city of Pucallpa, seated on the banks of the Ucayali River, 1,294 miles from Lima. From Pucallpa, you can take a riverboat and enter the heart of the Peruvian Amazon as you float downstream to the city of Iquitos.

The southernmost section of Peru is formed by two departments: Tacna, both of which boast beautiful countryside where you can see orchards teeming with olive, peach, cherimoya, pear and plum trees as well as long stretches of land covered with grape vines, whose fruit local vineyards use to produce top class wines and pisco brandies in Peru, as stated by those in the know. If it is about architecture, then take a sightseeing tour of the city of Tacna, paying particular attention to its 19th century mansions and houses with their double gable construction and huge front entryways (Gambetta Complex, Zapata House, Valdivia House, Segovia House, etc). While in the city of Tacna, go to the Zela House and the archaeological museum, but don't limit yourself to just those; check out the rock paintings found at Miculla and Toquepala, just a few kilometers from the city.

Peru is a country with many destinations for each and every taste. Discover them!.

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