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The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica Region in southern Peru. It was founded in 1563 by Spanishs conquistador Geronimo Luis de Cabrera.

Ica and surrounding areas are the traditional source of Pisco brandy. Ica is home to Museo Regional de Ica, a local museum with many exhibits. On display are pre Columbian mummies with elongated heads bearing evidence of trepanning. There are also furniture, paintings and artifacts from the Spanish colonial era.

Ica is an important agricultural region, where grapes, cotton, asparagus, olives and other produce is cultivated.

The deserts of the department of Ica are treasure chests filled with surprises. Take for example the Nasca Lines, an enigma of immense proportions. Even though German researcher Maria Reiche spent 50 years studying them and other researchers still continue in her wake, nobody has ever been able to give a clear reason why the ancient Peruvians drew figures of animals and plants (birds, a monkey, a spider, a whale and many others) on the desert soil that were so big you could only see them from the air. The interesting thing about this ancient wonder is that it is not isolated to Nasca since other cities feature similar geoglyphs, like those of nearby Palpa.

The sand hides even more surprises; fossils of huge prehistoric sharks and penguins have been uncovered near Ocucaje. Then there is the Candelabro (Candelabrum), an immense sculpture dug in the sands that looks out upon the Pacific Ocean another unsolved mystery. More signs of pre-Hispanic legacy are also found in two archaeological complexes nearby Nasca: Cahuachi, which features a series of pyramids where archaeologists have excavated hand painted cloths, and Cantayoc, a series of subterranean stone canals that people still use.

There is Paracas National Reserve, one of the best wildlife refuges on the Peruvian Coast. This is habitat of sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and flamingos as well as site of heavenly beaches. Paracas is synonimus of natural and scenic beauty. Travel to Ica.

Trip to visit Paracas Ica and then make a tour of the Nazca Lines

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Ica Information for Travelers

How to get there Ica, Paracas y Nazca BY BUS along the Pan-American Highway South
From Lima to
Paracas : 250 km/3 hrs.
Ica: 303 km/4 hrs.
Nasca: 450 km/6 hrs.
Weather Temperature average between 86 F and 46.4 F
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Suggested for · People interested in
· Wine tradition
· Wildlife watchers
· Extreme sports
· Boat and water
  sports lovers
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What to buy in Ica? No information . What to eat in Ica? · Carapulcra
· Sopa seca
· Picante de pallares
· Tejas
· Pecans
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Places to visit Ica IN PARACAS
· Paracas National
· Ballestas Islands
· Tambo Colorado
  Archaeological Site

· Wine and Pisco brandy
  cellars and the
  Huacachina Oasis

· Llipata geoglyphs

· Nasca and Palma Lines
· Cantayoc Aqueduct
· Cahuachi Ceremonial
· Antonini Teaching
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Excursions in Ica No information. When? No information. Map view map Photos Ica No information.
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