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Travel To Trujillo Peru Trip To Trujillo Peru

Trujillo is a city in northwestern Peru. It is located on the lower Moche River, near its mouth on the Pacific Ocean. Trujillo is the capital of the La Libertad Region and is the third-most populous city in Peru.

Trujillo was the center of the Chimu Culture (1100-1400 AD), whose Chan Chan citadel is the largest mud-brick construction in the Americas. Trujillo was founded in 1534 as one of the main cities in the vice-regency.

On the Trujillo outskirts, visitors can take in an older style of architecture, where the remains of a pre-Hispanic civilization still rear above the green fields and desert sands. The Chan Chan citadel, El Brujo Complex and the temples of the Sun, the Moon and the Dragon, are evidence of highly advanced northern civilizations.

Trujillo is the land of the Marinera (dance), and the townspeople hold the National Marinera Contest every March. The world-famous beach Huanchaco, a surfing destination, is located just north of Trujillo.

Trujillo has a dry climate with an average temperature of 78 F. The summers can reach temperatures over 99 F and the winters are never colder than 67 F. The temperature stays in the low to mid twenties most of the year. Trujillo is known as The City of Eternal Spring, because of its very sunny and pleasant weather year round. The International Spring Festival in early October attracts visitors from all over Peru and from all over the world.

Wear light clothing (t-shirts and shorts), comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunglasses. Nights tend to cool down, so bring along a light jacket or wear warm clothing. When traveling outside Trujillo on any of the circuits, bring plenty of liquids. Travel to Trujillo.

Travel to Trujillo and visit this wonderful city of Peru

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Trujillo Information for Travelers

How to get there Trujillo The city is connected to all the main coastal cities by the Pan-American Highway. Important to the city's transportation network is the Cap. FAP Carlos Martinez de Pinillos International Airport. The towns of Salaverry and Chicama (Puerto Malabrigo) are used for maritime connection with the world.

From Lima: 560 km/8 hrs. (non-stop)
10 hrs. with stops.
From Chiclayo: 210 km/3 hrs.
From Piura: 410 km/6 hrs.
From Tumbes: 759 km/11 hrs.

BY AIR (Daily flights)
From Lima: 50' (non-stop)
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What to buy in Trujillo? No information. What to eat in Trujillo? No information. Places to visit Trujillo IN TRUJILLO
· The Cathedral
· Ganoza Chopitea House
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