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Being part of the audience to this show of natural wealth in all its glory, as is seen in the department of Madre de Dios, is a unique experience. And truth to be told, you could expect no less from this exotic place that gathers together some of the country's most beautiful landscapes.

Puerto Maldonado is a city in Southeastern Peru, capital of the Madre de Dios Region, founded originally by Carlos Leon-Velarde Valcarcel for the collection of wild rubber. It is in the Amazon forest, 55 km west of the Bolivian border, on the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios River, a tributary of the Amazon River.

The Manu National Park is one of the world most cherished natural laboratories and wildlife refuges and for very good reasons because living inside its vibrant subtropical environment is an endless variety of plant and animal species. Go there and discover more than 800 birds, close to 200 mammal and even more than 100 bat species. The tangible beauty found in Madre de Dios seems to have no end. More excitement is located just a few minutes away from Puerto Maldonado, the capital city of the department Madre de Dios: The Tambopata National Reserv e is ready with fresh surprises for us. Despite being smaller than the Manu National Park in extension, it is similarly a jewel of biodiversity. Lodges inside it meet the requirements of environment protection.

As you go into depths of paradise, you will discover the overwhelming variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and butterflies that make Peru not only a country of mega diversity but one designed to please the senses. Travel to Puerto Maldonado.

Trip to Puerto Maldonado and take a tour of the national reserve parke Tambopata and Manu

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Puerto Maldonado Information for Travelers

How to get there Puerto Maldonado BY BUS
From Lima: 1,621 km/50 hrs.
From Lima to Manu: then taking a bus to the community of Atalaya 8 hrs. Once there, take a boat to Boca Manu 8 hrs. and from that spot to the parks Tourist and Recreational Use Area 8 hrs.

From Lima: 1 hr. and 30' regular flights
From Cusco: 35' to Puerto Maldonado
From Cusco to Manu: 30'

Puerto Maldonado is served by Padre Jose Aldamiz Airport.
Weather The average annual temperature is 79 F. The temperature will drop to as low as 46 F for several days.
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Suggested for · People attracted to
  visiting native communities
· Plant and animal watchers
· People interested in
  scientific tourism
· Trekkers
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What to buy in Puerto Maldonado? · Ashtrays
· Wooden postcards
· Decorative pieces
· Necklaces
· Bracelets
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What to eat in Puerto Maldonado? · Cassava
· Banana
· Peanut and other crops
· Paiche
· Patarashca
· Timbuche
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Places to visit Puerto Maldonado IN PUERTO MALDONADO
· Japipi
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· Lake Sandoval
· Lake Valencia
· Tambopata National Reserve
· Colorado macaw clay lick
· Bahuaja Sonene National
· Manu National Park
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When? No information. Map view map Photos Puerto Maldonado No information.
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